Why a Swim Spa?

The Benefits of a Swim Spa

A swim spa is merely a smaller sized kind of pool that utilizes water resistance to permit users to swim in a restricted area. Current innovation has improved them so that, now, the average house owner is able to afford one.

The primary advantages of a swim spa are:

When area is restricted, • Their smaller size makes them an excellent alternative.
• Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do and a swim spa permits you to swim continually without doing laps.
• A swim spa can be significantly cheaper to purchase, keep and set up than a full-sized swimming pool.

These are some of the reasons why even property owners who have adequate area in their backyards for a full-sized pool are opting to install a swim spa instead.

How Big is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa has to be one and a half times the length of the body with the arms outstretched. It also needs to be wide enough so that the swimmer doesn’t feel cramped or bump into the sides of it. Using these factors, a swim spa can be as little as 4 meters (approx. 13 feet) in length and as little as two meters (approx. 6 feet) in width. They are typically only 1.2 meters (approx. 4 feet) deep, but much deeper designs are offered.

A swim spa can be installed either in ground or above ground and, because they use up so little area, they can likewise be set up indoors or on your back deck.

Added Features

Part of the tourist attraction of swim spas is that there are many designs and features to pick from. You can combine it with a heated restorative spa. Buy different systems or order it all-encompassing, with different locations for swimming and relaxing.

You can regulate the water temperature levels so that the spa end can be warmer than the swimming pool or you can pick a single temperature level swim spa that integrates therapeutic water jets in one end, where built-in seating lies, and resistance jets for swimming at the other end.

The Swim Spa as Plunge Pool

If you have sufficient area, you may consider purchasing a bigger swim spa that the whole household can enjoy. When you’re alone and desire to swim, all you have to do is turn on the pump.

A swim spa might be simply what you’re looking for if you do not think you have the area or the budget plan for a full-sized swimming pool. Like thousands of others, you might find that a swim spa is the perfect option.

Okay, now that we have given you all the reasons you need to rush out and buy a Swim Spa, we have one more thing to help you get the most benefit from it. Imagine getting all nice and relaxed after using your swim spa and then straining yourself trying to get a heavy awkward cover back on.

After getting a great workout and washing your cares away in the warm embrace of pulsating water jets followed up with getting your blood pressure up because you get angry while putting the heavy cover back on the swim spa.

At SpaCap.com, they have just what you need to keep those good vibrations going. They have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers for years. Imagine a swim spa cover as easy to use as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. No exasperation required. SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.

Don’t let all the good your swim spa can do for you be wasted on a heavy, outdated, obsolete cover just because that’s all your local dealer has to offer. Order your own custom made SpaCap.com Swim Spa Cover, and get the most out of your spa.

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