Custom Spa Covers

We have been building spa covers for over thirty years.

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Lightweight Spa Covers

Every foam filled spa cover ever made will heavy. Ours won't.

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Wind Proof Spa Covers

Tired of playing "where's the spa cover," every time the wind blows?

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Since 1993

The Bottom Line

Why are you looking for a new spa cover? We already know the answer. The one you have now is either so heavy you can't lift it, or it's broken or it blew away in the wind.

Honestly, the reason we came up with this design for a spa cover is because we were in the same situation years ago. We needed to be able to get into our spa without killing ourselves.

We came up with a solution that was easy to use and worked better than any other type of spa cover on the market. What started out as just a need to come up with something better for ourselves soon became a business as friends and friends of friends asked us to build spa covers too.


Next Steps...

If you're tired of replacing spa covers with the same old, same old, give us a call and we'll build you a cover so easy you can open it with one hand.